Setting Appointments

Appointments must be paid for up front; no reservations for time slots are available.  If you need an appointment outside of PST Monday through Friday hours, or have other scheduling questions, contact Steph Newman.


All appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the meeting time will not be refunded.  If your appointment is more than 24 hours away from the booked time, it can be swapped. Contact Steph Newman  



Your video conference calls are through a professional Zoom account.  Your privacy in coaching, paying, and meeting with Steph Newman is highly valued.  All services and third parties for operations are professional.  


Vocal Coaching

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Hate the sound of your voice? I hear you. Transitioning to virtual conferences and making recordings can be hard to handle. Increase your professionalism and authenticity with a trained speaker's insights into your vocal patterns, breath support and phrasing. 

Whether you are getting ready for an audition, interview, or gala speech, a vocal coach gives you confidence to nail it like a professional performer.

Improving Physical Habits

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"What do I do with my hands?" Speaking to groups or to individuals can be nerve-wracking enough; no need to be worrying about your hands. Get rid of physical habits that keep customers and colleagues from focusing on your words and product by getting customized virtual coaching from a performance guru. On-camera specific techniques for confidence with the face, body and yes, the hands!

Speech Crafting / Copy

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Getting ready for a TedTalk? Have to do the quarterly presentation? Whether it's to the camera, a boss, or thousands of conference attendees, your speech needs to be well-crafted on the page and finely-tuned for the stage. You need expertise that will prepare you for a stellar performance. 

Need copy for scripts, websites, a new product that will launch on Kickstarter? You need a performer's expertise.